WTQ Episode 1 – Liz & Mickey

WTQ Episode 1 – Liz & Mickey

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On this episode of What the Q we meet Liz and Mickey, your hosts!

Picture it Sicily 1994, ok, not Sicily, but it was 1994 when these two met. They lived in the same college dorm, then apartment, followed by a cross country move, a wedding, and someone’s first time in drag and the other wasn’t there!

Fast forward 25 years when Mickey tells Liz that they are queer. Enter What the Q? A podcast exploring the queer identity. For the first season our guests will be people who simply identify as queer. We’ll ask them one question, “what does identifying as queer mean to you?” And no two answers or conversations are the same.

Join us as we explore queer culture, together. Oh and btw, this episodes guest is… your co-host Mickey!

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