WTQ Episode 3 – Joseph

WTQ Episode 3 – Joseph

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On this episode of What the Q we have a conversation with Joseph, a 40 something hairdresser who identifies as queer. He is also known as the drag performer Svetlana Trantastic. Joseph was raised in a rural and conservative part of the country where there was no visible queer community. From an early age he wanted to do what girls were doing, but was strictly prohibited from this by his parents and community, which was essential for their safety. Joseph moved to Portland in his twenties and is now a very close friend of Mickey’s.

This was the very first conversation we recorded for What the Q and we thank Joseph for his willingness and openness to share what being queer means to him. Also during the conversation we find out that Joseph wasn’t the only one not allowed to play with Barbie growing up.

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