WTQ Episode 5 – Erika

WTQ Episode 5 – Erika

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How beautiful would it be if, instead of being misgendered as a child, you were asked, “what are your pronouns?” According to our guest, Erika, years of heartache would have been averted.

Assigned female at birth and from a young age often perceived as a male, Erika swirled inside her own gender dysmorphia from not being seen… or asked. In many ways things haven’t changed. Now in her 40’s, Erika points out, for her,  the queer identity is a pronounced feeling of otherness, but you are never really alone just because you are “othered.” In this episode we learn from Erika that her data-points alone (female, mother, partner, dancer, etc.) cannot tell her whole story.

Also: Cohost Mickey is caught redhanded misgendering Erika (for years) and The Pepper Pepper, WTQ is coming for you!



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