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  • How beautiful would it be if, instead of being misgendered as a child, you were asked, “what are your pronouns?” According to our guest, Erika, years of heartache would have been averted. Assigned female at birth and from a young age often perceived as a male, Erika swirled inside her own gender dysmorphia from not […]
  • Alice is a drag artist and performer in Portland, OR. She is the Princess of The House of Ada, a clown of The Farce Family and an acrobat of the Queer femme acro duo Lady Phallus. She is also a sex worker. We have no idea how she found the time to speak with us, […]
  • Our conversation with KT continues in this bonus minisode. KT’s partner identifies as non-binary and uses the they / them pronouns; at one point in the unaired portion of the conversation Liz asked KT about using gender-neutral pronouns with her partner. We didn’t want to keep KT’s insightful and beautiful response to ourselves!   Liz and […]
  • On this episode of What the Q we have a conversation with Joseph, a 40 something hairdresser who identifies as queer. He is also known as the drag performer Svetlana Trantastic. Joseph was raised in a rural and conservative part of the country where there was no visible queer community. From an early age he […]
  • On this episode of What the Q we ask our guest KT, “what does the queer identity mean to you?” Spoiler alert: she finds the term both empowering and liberating! KT and Mickey make fat art together. That’s something you may have never heard of before, but our guest is a pioneer in this space. […]
  • On this episode of What the Q we meet Liz and Mickey, your hosts! Picture it Sicily 1994, ok, not Sicily, but it was 1994 when these two met. They lived in the same college dorm, then apartment, followed by a cross country move, a wedding, and someone’s first time in drag and the other […]